Seductive Stranger

He was tall, lean and handsome. His strides reminded her of her father who towered over her as a child. Her petite form and size was a stark contrast to this man who seemed to reach into the heavens like a tree. He flashed her a smile and his teeth shone like the morning sun. So engrossed was she in his features that she missed what he was saying to her. She had to shake her head to be brought back to reality.

“I’m sorry sir, what did you say?”

He smiled again knowingly.

“I wanted to know the cost of these ties if there is a discount on them. It does have the sticker on them, but there’s nothing here indicating the size discount.”

Jean shook her head again. His voice was so smooth that she felt as if she were being serenaded to and not being asked a simple question. She took the ties which were pinned together and pointed to the lime green round sticker on the front.

“The green means that you’re getting twenty-five per cent off. The guide is posted on every other pillar around the store,” she said pointing to a few posters on different columns.”

What do you think will happen next?



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