Daily Prompt: Chaotic

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic


Just wondered what my world would be without the chaotic sound of my children. Right now, anytime there is complete silence while they are awake, I take an indicator that something may be happening that is wrong, some mischief is afoot and someone may be getting themselves in trouble. From the crying three-year-old who complains that her brother just took away my expensive perfume bottle she had first to my seven-year-old who complains that she just acquired a new teeny tiny bump on her finger (that I cannot see) and how it hurts – my world is sometimes topsy-turvy.

On a regular morning, I sometimes feel that children can be a real pain – their innocent looks are deceiving and their charming smiles a warning sign of trouble to come. The dutiful mother I am tries to keep everything in place – comb hair for all three girls, address the complaining five-year-old who refuses to eat the nutritious breakfast I just rustled up because his tummy hurts. Mind you his tummy hurts because he is hungry and no amount of persuasion and explanation gets him to eat. He soon drops his shoulders, sticks his fingers in his mouth and looks absentmindedly into space while you reprimand the eight-year-old for leaving her homework at school yet another day. By the way, she just remembers that she needs to take a picture of animals – but she does not remember if they should be mammals, reptiles or birds or all three.

Mind still swirling as I make a mental check of the lunch bags and that the pencils and crayons the three-year-old needs for school that day is still sitting on the desk from the night before. Husband sticks his head in the kitchen with a broad smile of memories of last night’s endeavors and asks for the fifth time – I have answered each time – where are his socks.

Just as I am about to blow my temper at my five-year-old son who is still staring into space as if watching an interesting cartoon, my phone rings and it is my sister who wants to know if we can go shopping come this weekend. Then it dawns on me that I have not yet paid credit card bill for that month, and its past due and now I will be facing the expensive late fees.

I stop and take a deep breath and try to disconnect from the scene I am in and then exhale with my only consolation that within just ten minutes, the children will be off to school and I will have the house to myself. I just need to get things done just so and this chaotic scene will be all over.

Something clicks in my mind and I have found the right thing to say and my son reluctantly and then hungrily hunkers down his food, smiling when it is done that he likes it. Go figure! The girls are all dressed and ready to leave and my husband places a kiss on my forehead wishing me a great day. Then off they all go and I am alone in the silence.

I sit in my easy chair and think what I lucky woman I am to have the awesome responsibility of taking care of five persons who love me to the moon and back. I remember each person’s smile and the cute things that were said and done that morning. Mental notes of family outing plans are to be made, and then I rise, get ready and go off into the chaotic world of work where I know I will be tried and tested once more at the thing I love to do.

goodbye my love




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