Hiatus…a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series or action.

We see it ever so often around us. The series we are watching on T.V. does not go on forever, as I used to imagine when I was a child until I saw re-runs. Then I heard the term season. So this Season of The Flash ends at such and such date. Of course, it was not welcome – I always wanted to know what happened next.

Another place I have seen it is with my teachers in school. There were there for a couple years and then all of a sudden, poof, they were not. I was told they were on a much-needed vacation – which is what I thought they went on when we had Summer and Christmas holidays. Or a lecturer has taken a Sabbatical.

So I figured, why not me. I know I just started back on RyteIt – one article does not count for much after I promised myself to be writing more often.

WrtingWriting makes me happy…that is why I do it.

Then an opportunity came along. Actually, it was something I had applied for months ago and found out that I was selected for a PMP training through my day job. Whoppeee!!!

That was two weeks ago. Then it hit me this morning that I had completely abdicated and broken my promise.

I figured a way out – I cannot say I am on vacation. I am after all going through training at every available free time I have (its online and self-paced with a December 25 deadline). So – I am taking a hiatus. Yes, a break, an interruption in what was set up to be a regular contribution to blogging on my own website. I just need to complete this training and I am back on the gun, the run, in business – however, you may choose to say it. I will be back.

With this training I am doing I will have better insight and understanding and may just share some with you!

So until we meet again – So long, farewell…it’s time to say goodbye. Adieu, adieu to you and you and you!

And most of all Have a Merry Christmas!



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